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Welcome to Free Phys-Ed, a unique website that I, Mr. Qureshi a physical education teacher at North Point School for Boys designed to provide free physical education programming, training and support to students, parents and families at our school without the need for specialized equipment, resources or tools. Some activities may require some sport-specific equipment such as a ball, for example, however, the programs, resources and videos selected are intended to be minimalistic as possible to allow for as many students to pick and choose activities that they can easily participate in and follow along at home. All resources are a collection of programs, individuals and resources that have been recommended by other individuals, educators and fitness enthusiasts. The goal at Free Phys-Ed is to give as much autonomy to physical learners as possible to encourage and promote as many students to adopt a healthy active lifestyle.

Mr. Qureshi

Physical Education Teacher & Athletic Director

North Point School for Boys

Calgary, Alberta

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