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Curriculum Connections

  • General Outcome A

  • General Outcome B
    Benefits Health

  • General Outcome C

  • General Outcome D
    Do It for Life

1. Please use the exercises and activities outlined below to complete the required fitness competencies and skills.

2. Remember that healthy nutrition and staying hydrated are part of a good workout.

3. Remember to keep a record of all your workouts, either written by hand or tracked online using the weekly planner

4. You can choose to follow along with the workout videos for provided or create your own workout plan.

5. You will be asked to submit videos, images and reflections to update your teacher on your growth, progress and development.

6. If you need any support, help or have any questions please contact Mr. Qureshi.

Please reference the PDF document for the correlation and connection to the Physical Education Curriculum guidelines and expectations as outlined by Alberta Education.

What do the Colours Mean?




These are suggested levels, so use them as such. You may find differences depending on your ability and level. Please note that even advanced athletes benefit from using beginner/intermediate drills and skills to build mastery.

The story of how Justin went from being an average unknown basketball player to becoming a professional ball-handler, getting a college offer, getting featured on multiple publications and getting sponsorships. All it took was dribbling 1 hour a day for 1 year; find out more.

Background Knowledge & Skills


Jr. NBA Fundamentals of dribbling and ball handling taught by NBA Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas.


Jr. NBA Fundamentals of shooting taught by former NBA sharpshooting legend Allan Houston


Jr. NBA Fundamentals of passing taught by former NBA Coach Lewis. A partner may be needed or you may use a wall.

Jab Step

Jr. NBA Fundamentals of the jab step taught by former NBA legend Shane Battier.

In & Out Cross

Jr. NBA Fundamentals of the In & Out Crossover to keep the defence off-balance NBA by Coach Jeremiah Boswell.

Double Cross

Jr. NBA Fundamentals shows how to use a double move to create space with NBA Legend Kendall Gill.

A short clip on the importance of hard work and how Kobe Bryant approached the game of basketball, told by former NBA player Jay Williams.

Video Playlists

A complete Jr. NBA Fundamentals playlist providing with you with a complete compilation or drills and skills that you can learn and use at home. These are great foundational skills to learn the basics and fundamentals of the game of basketball.

Coach Rock is a great basketball trainer with a variety of playlists to choose from. Here you will find a range of skills that are beginner foundational skills to advanced series skills. Pick and choose the workouts and drills that you like.

An advanced crossover series for basketball players with intermediate to advanced skills. If you would like to add some additional moves to your dribbling skills, then these are the moves you elevate your game to the next level. For an additional series, check out his #AskCoachDrewSeries

Follow Along Workout Drills & Programs

Coach Rock with a great follow-along 5-minute dribbling workout that you can add into your routine at home. Practice makes perfect and 5 minutes a day can go a long way.

Coach Dave is a former Division 1 basketball player who played with NBA's Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler. Based out of Calgary, he has a great selection of follow along workouts at his channel OGTV.

A full advanced workout series that you can follow along. This is 25 minutes and requires a higher level of conditioning and basketball ability. This is from HoopsKing that has tons of great content to learn from.

NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach Chris Chase detail why a proper warm-up session can help prevent injuries. 

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