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Gaming Fitness

One does not assume video games and an active lifestyle can be synonymous. Video games can a source of fitness, with many developers and producers of games now releasing games with more movement opportunities. Playing the right games can be a way to both game and get some physical fitness from home. Here are some games that you can play at home. Please note, that you may need a console and additional add-ons for some of those consoles.


Due your due diligence before purchasing any of the games mentioned here. It is also important to ensure the games are appropriate for the age level of your child. Please check the game ratings and check before you make any purchases.

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Gaming Fitness Documents and Articles

Gamespot List of Best Games to Play During COVID-19

For those stuck inside, at-home workouts have become a crucial way to maintain both physical and mental health, and fortunately, there are quite a few video games that serve this exact need. Read more to find out.

Interactive Video Games Offer Exercise Benefits

Couch potatoes beware: If you start playing a new generation of video games that require users to get up and move around, you may find yourself getting a bit more fit. Read more to find out.

The Health Benefits of Interactive Video Game Exercise

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of interactive video games (combined with stationary cycling) on health-related physical fitness and exercise adherence in comparison with traditional aerobic training (stationary cycling alone). Access article to read more.

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Videos Trailers and Samples

Flappy Arms

Zumba Fitness

Knockout League

Box VR

Just Dance


Beat Saber

Ring Fit Adventure

Fitness Boxing

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