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Curriculum Connections

  • General Outcome A

  • General Outcome B
    Benefits Health

  • General Outcome C

  • General Outcome D
    Do It for Life


1. Please use the exercises and activities outlined below to complete the required fitness competencies and skills.

2. Remember that healthy nutrition and staying hydrated are part of a good workout.

3. Remember to keep a record of all your workouts, either written by hand or tracked online using the weekly planner

4. You can choose to follow along with the workout videos for provided or create your own workout plan.

5. You will be asked to submit videos, images and reflections to update your teacher on your growth, progress and development.

6. If you need any support, help or have any questions please contact Mr. Qureshi.

Please reference the PDF document for the correlation and connection to the Physical Education Curriculum guidelines and expectations as outlined by Alberta Education.

What do the Colours Mean?




These are suggested levels, so use them as such. You may find differences depending on your ability and level. Please note that even advanced athletes benefit from using beginner/intermediate drills and skills to build mastery.

Background Knowledge & Skills

Stick Handling

Learn some basics on how to improve your stick handling.

Shooting - One timer

Learning the basics of shooting, the one-timer.

Slapshot - How to Snipe


Learn some basics on passing. You may need a partner or you can use a wall.

Shooting - Slapshot

Learning the basics of shooting, the slapshot.

Learning the basics of shooting, the one-timer.

Video Playlists

At Home Workouts

A collection of workouts that you can complete at home provided by Hockey Training.

Follow Along Workout Drills & Programs

15 Minute Workout

A 15 minute hockey workout you can complete at home without any equipment needed.

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