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Curriculum Connections

  • General Outcome A

  • General Outcome B
    Benefits Health

  • General Outcome C

  • General Outcome D
    Do It for Life

1. Please use the exercises and activities outlined below to complete the required fitness competencies and skills.

2. Remember that healthy nutrition and staying hydrated are part of a good workout.

3. Remember to keep a record of all your workouts, either written by hand or tracked online using the weekly planner

4. You can choose to follow along with the workout videos for provided or create your own workout plan.

5. You will be asked to submit videos, images and reflections to update your teacher on your growth, progress and development.

6. If you need any support, help or have any questions please contact Mr. Qureshi.

Please reference the PDF document for the correlation and connection to the Physical Education Curriculum guidelines and expectations as outlined by Alberta Education.

What do the Colours Mean?




These are suggested levels, so use them as such. You may find differences depending on your ability and level. Please note that even advanced athletes benefit from using beginner/intermediate drills and skills to build mastery.

Background Knowledge & Skills

Basic Moves

A collection of 5 basic soccer skills and moves that you can learn at home.

3 Ways to Kick

3 ways to kick a soccer ball. Understanding three different skills you can add to your game.

Advanced Moves

10 Advanced moves to add to your aresnal and soccer game.

How to Dribble

The basic foundations on how to dribble and control a soccer ball.

A great breakdown on how you can add more power into your kick to become a stronger finisher.

Adding Power to Your Kick

Rainbow Flick

In this video you how to learn 3 of the skills in performing a rainbow flick.

Follow Along Workout Drills & Programs

10 Minute Routine

A quick 10 minute soccer workout that you can do at home, in the driveway or backyard with just a ball.

10 Minute Home Workout

A simple 10 minute workout you can complete from the comfort from your home. A fun way to workout.

Full Body Workout

A full body workout designed to improve your strength and conditioning as a soccer player.

Video Playlists

Beginner Skills and Drills

Soccer Moves Playlist

Progressive Soccer

A playlist that outlines basic skills, drills and foundational moves needed in soccer.

A combination of great soccer moves that you can add to your game.

Progressive Soccer hosts a compilation of videos designed to help you get better.

This is a short story about Matt Sheldon's experience from juggling a soccer ball 1000 times every single day for three straight months. Matt played college soccer and thought this helped  him tremendously and would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their skills.

A young kid who trained like professional soccer player Lionel Messi for 24 hours and documents his results. Check out what it takes to work out like the pros.

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